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Fri, Feb. 25th, 2005, 05:13 pm

once again i'm cleaning up and redesigning this journal. while claustrophilia is my main journal, about my daily life, i refuse to give this one up since it was my first lj. so i'm making it my official "professional" journal (thus the new title, The Oldest Profession, because we in the theatre world aren't really sure which came first -- actors, or prostitutes) and i'm going to stick a lot of crap here about stuff that i'm working on, and it may be of no interest to any of you, but what do i fucking care.

there's some good news at theatre south carolina this season -- richard jennings, a brilliant actor and one of the few people in the drama department who stands up for undergrads, has officially taken over the undergrad program and is making drastic reforms to how we're trained and the opportunities we're given. it seems like puppet regime is going out the window, and we're creating a coed theatre fraternity (like a lot of colleges in the US), and we can actually like speak up for our ideas and stuff.

this has led me to resurrect this journal so that i can keep track of ideas when they occur to me.

i'd really like to direct Rossum's Universal Robots (by karel capek) next year. i think we have the undergrads to do it.

would like to do Everyman. as director or actor, whichever.

at some point i'd like to edit 120 Days of America, get t.c. mcmanus to make the necessary changes, and direct it (aiming to do this over spring break, provided i'm not so behind on class reading that i have to spend the whole time doing that). i dunno if i'd do that through the university, though -- i may do it through High Voltage instead.

i'd like to get 500 Clowns down from chicago for a workshop. have a friend that knows some of them.

while i'm thinking about High Voltage, i should find a copy of Monty Python's Holy Grail and start adapting it. also get isabel to help me with an adult version of Sleepy Hollow for next year, maybe.

one day i'm going to write a play, swear to god. will have zombies in it. for fun.

that's about all that's stewing right now. will probably post some research on R.U.R.

Fri, Feb. 25th, 2005 11:11 pm (UTC)

There's a musical version of holy grail.

Also, isn't prostitution a kind of acting anyway... and acting a kind of prostitution ;)